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Lake Charles Citizens.

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Lake City Church and volunteers from our community are committing ourselves to serve the citizens of our community and surrounding areas with relief supplies and need services, in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta, both a catastrophic Category 4 storm and just six weeks later a Cat 2  ravished areas of our state.  Laura underwent one of the fastest and strongest intensification in Gulf history with wind speeds of 150mph that left our community ravaged and in great need. Hurricane Delta brought flooding waters that left hundreds of homes flooded in water.

We will begin helping our community once our roads are clear and we have clearance from local authorities. We ask that you would pray about giving towards our relief efforts.  Your gift large or small will help us to restore our community with things such as :

  • Clothing, Personal Hygiene products, School Supplies

  • Non perishable food items and water

  • Cleaning supplies 

  • Home Clean up and Restoration

  • Any other assistance we can give to ensure restoration to our community

We serve a strong and resilient community and with our efforts and your support we are confident that we can restore Life back to our lake!  


Volunteers Needed

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